Welcome to Silicon Pay documentation.

Silicon Pay offers a range of services that make it possible for you to send and receive money across the world, Pay for Bills and Utlities In Uganda and Instantly transfer money Across the world. Below is a list of the services that we offer.

Payment collection.

1. Card Payments - Customers can supply their card details and complete payment in a few minutes
2. Mobile money wallet collections - We collect from over 15 Mobile Money providers across Africa

Transfers / Payouts

1. Bank Transfers - You can transfer from your wallet to any Bank in the world.
2. Mobile Wallet Transfers - We transfer to over 15+ mobile money wallets Across Africa.

Bill and Utilities

1. Umeme Yaka - Pay for Yaka Bills
2. NWSC(Water Bills) - Pay for Water Bills in Uganda
3. URA - Pay for URA Bills
5. Dstv - Pay DSTV subscriptions In Uganda
6. Gotv - Pay For Go TV Subscriptions in Uganda
7. ZUKU tv - Pay For Zuku TV subscriptions In Uganda
8. Start Times - Pay for Starttimes Subscriptions in Uganda
9. Azam tv - Pay for Azam TV subscriptions in Uganda

On Boarding

1. Create A silicon Pay Account. Visit https://silicon-pay.com/ to create the account.

2. Login to Your Account.

3. Follow the developer Documentation of your choice and integrate the product/s into your project.

4. Test all the Endpoints and Call Back IPN Notifications.

5. Submit Your KYC for review and we fully activate your Account

6. Start Recieving payments, Making Payouts or Paying Bills Using our Platform